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You may be hearing about the CoreBot malware in the news. As with any security issue, your security is our top priority. In order to minimize risk to CoreBot and other forms of malware, we recommend standard security best practices for all devices you use to access digital banking.  These best practices include:

  • Up-to-date malware (endpoint) protection software in addition to anti-virus software.
  • Use a firewall when entering personal information.
  • Use different passwords for each system/website accessed.
  • Disabling AutoPlay to prevent the automatic launching of executable files.
  • Do not open attachments unless you expect them.

Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. If you are currently using Windows XP, Microsoft recommends you upgrade to a supported operating system to ensure access to the latest security updates they provide.

- Remove mail promptly from your mailbox
- Guard your social security number
- Be very careful with receipts
- Review your credit report from time to time
- Commit all passwords and PIN numbers to memory
-And remember, Bank of Commerce will never contact you on an unsolicited basis to request any personal or account information or your user ID or password.  Please notify us immediately if you receive such a request.


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We hope that our website is helpful and informative. As the world we live in becomes busier every day, we are all searching for ways to save time and make our lives less hectic. We at Bank of Commerce and Trust hope that our Online Banking and electronic bill paying option will provide a convenient alternative for you when handling your banking business.

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