Bank of Commerce and Trust Company: Member FDIC

School Savings

Bank of Commerce offers the School Savings Program as a service to parents, teachers and children in its operating communities. We are proud to be a leader among financial institutions in encouraging America's youth to adopt sound savings principles.

Experience has proven that young people learn thrift and responsibility faster if the money in their savings account belongs solely to them. It is for this reason that the School Savings account is the property of the student in whose name the account is held.

Bank of Commerce believes that educating young people today will create better informed adults, capable of making intelligent investment decisions tomorrow.

Bank of Commerce and Trust School Savings Accounts are only available to students through sponsoring schools and earn the same rate of interest as regular savings accounts. Interest is credited quarterly and debit cards are not available with the School Savings Account. All deposits at Bank of Commerce and Trust are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

School Savings Accounts also have some special features designed especially for the student saver:

  • Account ownership in the child's name with their parent or guardian using the child's Social Security number.
  • Minimum deposit of $0.25 on bank days.
  • No service charge for deposits.
  • Two withdrawals per month at no charge at any Bank of Commerce and Trust location; each additional withdrawal is $0.50.
  • Accounts are only available to students of sponsoring schools

Please check with your child's school for information on their participation in this program or fill out our Contact Us form.